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Ninja Zone

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Sooo...what exactly is NinjaZone?
Simply put, we are turning Energy into Ambition...
One Awesome Kid at a Time!
NinjaZone is a thrilling new sport for kids. Kids learn transferrable core skills by fusing elements of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle training and freestyle movement. NinjaZone leverages kids fire and excitement into an activity they truly love, building the strength, agility, stealth and mental prowess of a trained Ninja. The result is more confident, disciplined kids, who have a physical, mental and emotional foundation to take on any challenge. Ninja Sport is taking over the nation, and with the backing of major insurance companies, the sky is the limit for your program.
• NinjaZone captures your child’s energy and ignites their confidence!
• NinjaZone classes provide a unique way to focus their energy.
• Practicing the sport of Ninja exercises the body and mind, not only bringing kids home happy and ready for bed, but also building character and cultivating discipline.
• Ninja classes aren’t just a ton of fun for kids (of course they are...duh), but they also instill values and techniques that provide an important foundation for your child’s success.
• By enrolling your child in the NinjaZone program, you are contributing to their physical,mental and emotional well-being.
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