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Girls Gymnastics

Girls Rec Gymnastics Program 

Our Girls School Age Recreational Gymnastics Program is offered to ages five and up. The classes are an hour long including a 15-minute warm-up. The students will rotate thru three events each class. Each class may have up to eight students to one coach. The Olympic events taught are: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Routines for every event for each level of gymnastics will also be taught. This program also focuses on developing listening skills, following directions, patience, taking turns, balance, memorization, confidence, self esteem, fine and gross motor skills, good manners, and of course gymnastics. Some of the gymnastics skills taught are: bridges, forward rolls, backward rolls, tripods, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kick-overs, a lot of strength, conditioning and flexibility. This program is a wonderful way to get your child physically and mentally fit. And for those who are interested, it also prepares your child for an introduction to our outstanding competitive team programs.


Women's Olympic Events

Vault - A successful Vault begins with a strong,  accelerated run.  The best vaulters explode off the board with tremendous quickness, push off the Vault, and strive to "stick"  the landing.

Uneven Bars - The most spectacular of the Women's Events which demands strength, concentration, courage, coordination, and split second timing.  The entire routine should flow from one skill to the next ending in a high flying dismount.

Balance Beam - At only 4" wide, Beam is considered the most difficult by many gymnasts.  Combining acrobatic, tumbling, and dance movements, routines should flow with perfect balance.

Floor Exercise - Usually a favorite, Floor combines tumbling and dance utilizing both power and grace.


Program Rules & Dress Code

Safety is priority when it comes to the dress code here at Juergen's. Gymnasts should wear a leotard only or a leotard and zipperless shorts. Bare feet and bare legs are best. Since gymnasts are often spotted by their coach, loose clothing or skirts (which are sometimes found on dance leotards) can cause safety hazards and are NOT recommended. Hair pulled back. No jewelry, gum, or candy. For the best experience, please come to class well rested, well fed, alert, and ready to work. Follow these simple guidelines and we're sure your experience here will be a pleasant one. Good luck and be prepared to have fun!


Girls Rec Evaluations

Although we offer a variety of programs here at Juergen's, Girls Rec Gymnastics always tends to be our largest.  In an effort to make sure each and every girl has a chance to be correctly evaluated for proper class level placement and advancement documentation, Juergen's is one of the only facilities to personally evaluate and chart every girls when ready on their skill, strength, and flexibility progress.  Once a gymnast shows proficiency in their current level, they will be invited to sign up for a personal evaluation to determine when and if they are ready for advancement through the USA Gymnastics system here at Juergen's Gymnastics Academy.  Evaluations are held each session in an effort to advance these young ladies as soon as possible once ready.







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