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Recreational Programs

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Preschool Gymnastics

Parent/Tot Gymnastics Program


Our Co-ed, Parent/Tot Program is offered to ages 18 months to two year olds. This program is a great opportunity for parents to bond with their child/children physically, in a safe and fun environment. Our program focuses on the development of listening skills, following directions, patience, taking turns, sharing, fine and gross motor skills, balance, memorization, confidence, self esteem and good manners. While also learning colors, shapes, numbers, letters, up, down, left, right and body parts. We will work together to introduce each child to good gymnastics basics on each of the Olympic events. This class is an excellent way to prepare your child for our outstanding Pre-school gymnastics program.

Pre-School Gymnastics Program

Our Co-ed, Pre-School Program is offered to potty-trained three and four year olds. Our pre-school students have their own, brightly colored, training area with pre-school size equipment. The classes are 45 minutes total including a 15-minute warm-up. A class can have up to 15 students with 3 coaches. The students are split up into three groups, five students to one coach. Every group rotates thru each coach at each event scheduled that class. The Olympic events introduced are: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Rings, Parallel Bar, High Bar and Trampoline. This program focuses on listing skills, following directions, patience, taking turns, developing fine and gross motor skills, balance, memorization, confidence, self-esteem, and good manners. They will also work on right, left, up, down, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, body parts and of course gymnastics and flexibility. The gymnastics skills each student will be introduced to are: Table tops, Bridges, Forward rolls, Backward rolls, Headstands, Handstands, Cartwheels, and introduction to the Round off. Your child is taught, and will learn, thru play. This program is so exciting and a lot of fun for the children and parents too. It is truly an ideal program for pre-school age children. Our pre-school staff is excellent and will work hard to prepare your child/children for an easy transition into our wonderful school age gymnastics program.

Program Rules & Dress Code

Safety is priority when it comes to the dress code here at Juergen's.  Girls should wear a leotard only or a leotard and zipperless shorts.  Boys should wear a T-shirt or tank top and zipperless shorts or sweat pants.  Since gymnasts are often spotted by their coach, loose clothing or skirts (which are sometimes found on dance leotards) can cause safety hazards and are NOT recommended.  Hair pulled back.  No jewelry, gum, or candy.  Please make sure that Pre-School participants are awake at least 30 minutes prior to their respective class to ensure the best chances for enjoyment.  For the best experience, please come to class well rested, well fed, alert, and ready to work.  Follow these these simple guidelines and we're sure your experience here will be a pleasant one.  Good luck and be prepared to have fun!


Additional Facts


Statistics show that children involved in positive, organized sport are:

-  More confident

-  Appreciate a healthy lifestyle

-  More successful in the business world

-  Less prone to sickness

-  Less likely to be obese as adults

In addition, children who participate between the ages of 3 and 5 are more coordinated as adults, become confident and have better self esteem at an earlier age, and are less likely to become in volved in risky behavior as a teen.  The bottom line is that participants here in any of the programs offered by Juergen's Gymnastics Academy are not only learning skills of the sport, but valuable life lessons that will help them be more successful in the future.  We know you have a choice and would like to thank you for choosing us.  PS - Tell a friend!   






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