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icon05/01/2012 -  WHY GYMNASTICS???

8 Reasons Why ALL Children

Should Take Gymnastics

As educated adults in today's world, most of us already know the importance of physical activity in a child's life. It's not only recommended by the Center of Disease Control, the American Heart Association and other knowledgeable governing bodies, it's downright necessary for healthy living, which is ironic, isn't it? The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics clearly shows that children are becoming more overweight and society as a whole is becoming more obese. These trends coupled with a more techno-savvy yet sedentary lifestyle have only increased the health issues among our young people. Luckily, we parents have options. We can seek out a gymnastics academy that can provide a great physical program to help our children create a healthy lifestyle. Just as important, Juergen's is a place that stimulates brains, exercises social skills, encourages personal development, and fosters a sense of well being all at the same time. Eight reasons why ALL children SHOULD take gymnastics are:


#1 Increased Muscle Strength

#2 Development Of Healthy Bones

#3 Increased Flexibility

#4 Cognitive Benefits Exersices Brain & Body

#5 Chance To Develop Better Social Skills

#6 Participation Reduces Risky Behavior

#7 Greatly Developed Self-Confidence

#8 Gymnastics Is FUN!!!


Juergen's Gymnastics Academy "Where Kids Stay Fit!"


icon11/01/2016 - NINJA ZONE IS HERE!!!!

‘Sooo...what exactly is NinjaZone?’
Simply put, we are: Turning Energy into Ambition... One Awesome Kid at a Time.
NinjaZone is a thrilling new sport for kids. Kids learn transferrable core skills by fusing elements
of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle training and freestyle movement. NinjaZone leverages kids’
fire and excitement into an activity they truly love, building the strength, agility, stealth and
mental prowess of a trained Ninja. The result is more confident, disciplined kids, who have a
physical, mental and emotional foundation to take on any challenge. Ninja Sport is taking over
the nation, and with the backing of major insurance companies, the sky is the limit for your
Save on 2nd Class!!! New Ninja Classes!!!

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